HUS Office and Shop

The HUS runs an office and shop in college, which you can find just down the corridor from the Griffin Buttery & Bar.


Services found in HUS Office

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm & 5pm – 7pm

We sell postage stamps and a wide variety of stationary items, from files and pens, to hole punches and blue tac. We also have a stock of birthday cards, fabulous Homerton memorabilia and even doorstops. For family gifts we have teddy bears, key rings and many other Homerton-branded items to make you feel at home!

Newly in this year, we have Christmas tree baubles, Homerton sports bottles and very stylish mini logo notebooks!

We have a photocopier that you don’t need to buy a card for – it is just 5p per copy or charged to accounts for Exec and Society members. We can bind your projects or dissertations; also have a laminator and a guillotine. We offer colour printing for posters, projects and the like, just bring your USB along and we sell blank DVDs as needed for storage etc.

Of course, this is the place to find the JCR Student President, the HUS Office Manager and Executive team members if you need them or would simply like a chat! We are always happy to answer all sorts of questions about college life and happenings. There is an Executive member representing most subjects from Welfare and Academic Affairs, to Entertainments and Environmental & Ethical Affairs.

General Notice boards are on display outside the old HUS Office near the Buttery, as well as in front of the Griffin and additional ones along Queen’s wing corridor to deal with information of direct interest to the Student body, upcoming Bops, Election results and many many other items of interest … and of course our fab website

We sell tickets for almost all the “EVENTS” in college terms, from Hatstands and bops to the June Event/May Ball or Fresher’s happenings! We order, issue and distribute photographs, issue stash (sports clothing, society membership gear), and also take payment for subs etc for the various college societies and sporting groups.

We are really, really friendly and if we don’t know the answer we will know someone who will! Tel: 01223 747236 or 01223 747190