Roles A-Z

Here’s a run down of the roles that are to be on the HUS for the 2016-2017 academic year. More details will be added soon! Here is a more detailed version from the constitution!

Academic Affairs & Liaison Officer

The Liaison Officer is in charge of liaising between college and students during the year. They are in charge of open days, guiding interviewees to their interviews, and college families.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer maintains the HUS website, sends out the weekly bulletin of news and events around Homerton and is in charge of the noticeboards around college.

Ents Officers

The Ents Officers are in charge of organising all the events and bops throughout the year, especially during Freshers’ Week.

Environmental & Ethical Affairs Officer

The HUS Environmental & Ethical Affairs Officer makes sure that the activities of the HUS and Homerton College are as environmentally friendly as possible, and helps run charity events within college. They are a representative to Cambridge RAG, and lead the RAG and Green Team sub-committees.


The President is a sabbatical role which involves sitting on committees and representing the students at the highest level to the college. And of course the President leads the HUS Committee, making sure that everyone else is doing their best for the students.

Services Officer

The Services Officer liaises with College to make sure that catering, accommodation and other services are as good as possible for students.

Sports & Societies Officer

The Sports & Societies Officer is the main point of contact for sports captains and society presidents. They work to ensure that all groups are well-supported by the HUS, and work with the Treasurer to distribute funds among teams and societies.

Target & Access Officer

The target and access officer aims to prove to students that Homerton/Cambridge are great for people from any background!


The treasurer’s role is to handle all the money that goes in and out of the HUS and keep an eye on spending to make sure we don’t go over budget!

VP Internal

The Vice-President Internal takes care of the rest of the HUS Exec, making sure they are doing their jobs, manages the co-opted team and takes minutes at HUS and Open Meetings.

VP External

The Vice-President External represents the HUS to CUSU – the university level student union. They also represent us to the wider world in general. Finally, they have a key role in dealing with campaigns at a wider level – representing Homerton students’ interests to the big wide world out there!

Welfare Officers

The Welfare Officers support students who are having a tough time, and man the 24-hour welfare phone. They also supply welfare provisions, handing out anything from condoms to pregnancy tests.