The HUS is your union, and as such we’re committed to representing our students the best we possibly can, and to the highest levels in both college and the wider university.

The Constitution

We take our constitution seriously! It governs what powers our officers have and how we use them. Any changes we make to the constitution must be approved at an Open Meeting, so when the time comes for changes, it’s probably important you know what the document said in the first place!

The constitution will soon be available to download here. (Sadly, it has fallen into disrepair over the last few years, and we’re going to be working hard to change it into a friendly, readable document, with clearer rules and less stuffy language.)

Executive meetings

These are held once a week when there is enough on the agenda to discuss, and are attended by all members of the HUS Executive. Each member has a vote, and so many non-constitutional issues are decided at these meetings. You can find the minutes from the current year below. For older meetings, check out our archive of minutes from past years here.


30.10.2015 (Cancelled)
13.11.2015 (Open Meeting)
27.11.2015 (Cancelled – Pub Quiz)




Open meetings

These are generally held once a term, and can be attended and voted in by all members of the HUSJCR (yes, that means you!) Open Meetings serve to ratify new societies, make amendments to the constitution or standing orders, and to debate the most important college- and university-level issues. Often, Open Meetings will occur during elections and double up as a candidates hustings. Below you can find the date and agenda of the next Open Meeting, and minutes taken from meetings that have already taken place. For meetings from previous years, click here.

If we’re being honest: turnout at these meetings isn’t great. If you have any ideas about how we can get more people actively involved in our meetings, we’d love to hear them. Use our Contact page to email the President with any suggestions!

Next open meeting

Date: TBC
Agenda: Coming soon…





Breakfast meetings

Each term, the HUS meet with the senior team of college staff to raise any issues that have arisen during the term. It is a chance to get answers from the staff about anything that has been going on in college, from laundry prices to hall menus. The minutes of this year’s meetings can be accessed below.

Feedback Reports

The college is always asking our opinions on ideas that will affect the student population. When appropriate, we try to get as many of your opinions as possible to make sure we are giving the college an accurate representation of student views. Below you can find reports that we have presented to college as a result of your feedback.

Freshers’ Week Feedback – EPC Report of findings
Freshers’ Week Feedback – HUS Report