Hello there!

We’re Ben and Allie and we are your welfare team! As your welfare officers our main priority is to make sure that all of you beautiful people are enjoying your time at university, and are keeping yourselves happy and healthy at the same time. We are available to talk to you 9am to 7pm through the confidential welfare phone and are always available for a chat, no matter how big the problem or small. Here are the following issues we can help you with:

*****Some new important stuff!******

Below this post, you’ll find several documents, which may be added to throughout the year dependent on what people talk to us about the most, and hopefully will contain lots of helpful information you might find useful throughout your years here at Homerton. As ever, feedback, suggestions and any other communication is much appreciated!

Sexual health checks this information has CHANGED since last year, no more Laurels!
Making friends and meeting people
Mindfulness in Homerton
Eating disorders
Symptoms of STDs
Student Healthcare Guide 2015 – lots of useful info from the NHS about where to get medical help as a student in Cambridge

https://www.bpas.org/clinics/bpas-cambridge/ – information about the abortion clinic in Cambridge.


Sexual health:

We provide condoms, lube, pregnancy tests and Chlamydia tests. You can request any of these via this website confidentiality to be delivered to the welfare pidge or by emailing us and supplies will go into your pidge. We also have information relating to sexual health and contact details which you can use.

Mental health:

We’re here to help, whatever the problem. Whether this relates to academic stress, homesickness or mid-term blues, we will do our best to provide you with support. The university also has a counselling service (UCS) where trained counsellors are employed by the university to look after your wellbeing. We can link you up with them or help you to find an alternative route to help if you need or want it.

Physical health:

If you have any queries relating to your physical health we will do our best to advise you. We also have a nurse that is employed by college and on arrival, you will sign up with a local GP…
• The peer support team assists us in looking out for your welfare. They are students who have been trained by UCS to help you work through your problems! There is always someone on campus to talk to!
Please, please, please ring us if you have a problem and feel like you want to talk to someone, we’re happy to listen and we never want anyone to feel embarrassed!

The contact number is:

07876 317 717

We can reply to calls and texts from 9am – 5pm every day.

You can also email us at hus-male@homerton.cam.ac.uk (Ben) or hus-female@homerton.cam.ac.uk (Allie), and you’ll be seeing us around college, so do come and say hi! Alternatively, you can use our Contact page to request welfare supplies.

We wish you all the best for your first year at Homerton and hope it will be an enjoyable experience!

  • Student Health Advisor

    Sandy has her own office/surgery on the ground floor of West House. Her opening hours are:
    – Monday – 9:45am-1:00pm
    – Tuesday – 9:45am-1:00pm and 2:15pm-5:45pm
    – Wednesday – CLOSED
    – Thursday – 2:15pm-5:45pm
    – Friday – 9:45am-1:00pm
    There’s no need to book an appointment and she can suggest short-term fixes and give advice to more simple problems. For more complex matters, she may refer you to your doctor or other medical services in Cambridge, but is a great first step and can help relay any issues directly to your tutor or DoS.
    Her contact details are:
    Email: sc606@cam.ac.uk
    Phone: ext (7) 47248

  • Tutor

    Your college tutor is there for your pastoral needs and can often give advice if you are struggling with work or have an issue with college accommodation or buildings by contacting the right person in college on your behalf. They can also recommend solutions to getting to lectures if you’re having difficulties. If, for any reason, you do not want to approach your tutor alone one of us will be happy to facilitate a meeting and have as much or as little involvement as you like.

We also now have a College Counsellor in Homerton, Catherine Snelson (cs780@cam.ac.uk). You can find out more about her on her page of the Homerton College website, here.

Ultimately, what we want is for you to feel safe, supported, happy and healthy during your time in Homerton. Of course Cambridge is hard, but it does not have to be as bad as we’re sure you’re imagining it to be! The welfare team are here to support anyone with any issues throughout the year, but we’re also generally available for a chat or a moan at any point; we’re not councilors, we’re students, so whether it’s an annoying family argument, a desperate craving for a cookie or a much more serious issue, we can and will find a way to help.


Ben and Allie, signing out.

See you soon!