University Grants & Scholarship

Here you will find details of all Grants & Scholarship the University of Cambridge offers Undergraduate students. For the relevant application forms, please see the University website. For information about additional Graduate Grants & Scholarships, please see the Homerton College Nexus site.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme (CBS) and Cambridge European Bursary Scheme (CEBS)

The Bursary Schemes are designed to ensure that students in need of financial help get a means tested grant during their time at the University of Cambridge and Homerton College. The scheme offers support to Home and EU undergraduate students. The CBS and CEBS is a funding collaboration between the Colleges, the University and the Isaac Newton Trust. To learn more about the scheme and eligibility, select the appropriate button on their website according to when you started your studies. Applications for the scheme can be made on-line at the start of each academic year and details of applications deadlines are sent by the Tutorial Office during the long vacation.

Crane’s Charity

Crane’s fund is managed by the University of Cambridge. The fund provides hardship grants to students, in exceptional circumstances, towards the cost of medical, surgical or psychiatric treatment or for convalescent accommodation and travel to assist students who are ill and who can demonstrate financial needs. Application for support may be made by the College Tutor (copied to the Finance Tutor) on behalf of their tutee at any time. However, the process may take several weeks if further advice is sought and the College Hardship fund is also expected to make a contribution.

Central Childcare Bursary Scheme

The Central Childcare Bursary Scheme is available to eligible EU and overseas student parents. The grants are means-tested and depend on family income and expenditures. Further information about eligibility criteria and application packs can be found on the Childcare website. Application packs are also available from College offices, CUSU, the GU or via the Childcare Office. Completed applications must be submitted through your College Tutor who should support the application. Proof of a secured place or places at an Ofsted-registered childcare provider, including the child’s name, booking pattern and the start dates, must be included with the completed application form.

Financial Support for Sportsmen/Women

The Hawk’s club offers a charitable trust which provides funds for sporting excellence to current students, male and female, whose sporting activities are inhibited by financial constraints. Applications have to be endorsed by a University Senior Member to confirm financial need; grants are normally only awarded in sports of Blue or Half-blue status, taking into account if need is equal, the level of sporting excellence and the academic level. Further details can be found on their website.

The Ospreys is a society by and for the University of Cambridge sportswomen aimed at raising the profile of women’s sport. The Ospreys seek to provide financial support for members in the form of Bursary awards. Ospreys Bursaries are annual monetary grants intended to support members in the pursuit of sport at the University level and beyond. Further details can be found on their website.