Music Bursaries

This page outlines all the Music bursaries on offer to Homerton students. Those studying either Music or Education with Music are automatically entitled to a generous bursary towards instrumental lessons for each year of their undergraduate study at Homerton. These can be held concurrently with an organ scholarship, choral scholarship, or instrumental award as described below. For more information and/or application forms, please see the Homerton Nexus site or email the relevant member of staff (as outlined in the descriptions given below).

Choral Scholarships

At Homerton, choral scholars sing in the Charter Choir. Scholarships are tenable for the duration of undergraduate study (usually three years), and choral scholars are required to take part in the musical services of the Charter Choir at the neighbouring Church of St John the Evangelist, attend choir practices, and are expected to take an active part in the secular musical life of the College.

Homerton College participates in the University’s Vocal Assessment Days (29th September to 2nd October), but prospective choral applicants who don’t attend this event are nevertheless most welcome to contact the Director of Music, Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter for informal advice about making an application. Choral scholarship applications can only be made once an academic place has been offered (usually late December/early January). In order to apply, the Choral Award Application Form must be completed and sent to the Admissions Office of your College. All applicants must list the College from which they have received an academic offer as their first preference for a choral scholarship. Choral scholarships cannot be held at more than one College. Those who do not obtain a choral scholarship may be eligible to sing as a volunteer in the choir of a College other than their own.

Organ Scholarships

Those wishing to apply for an Organ Scholarship need to complete the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) as well as submit a UCAS application. The Organ Scholarship applications must usually be received by the beginning of September. Your UCAS application does not have to be submitted until the October deadline.

Awards are tenable for three years (at £450 per annum), and Organ Scholars are required to take part in the musical services of Homerton at the neighbouring Church of St John the Evangelist, attend choir practices, and take an active part in the secular musical life of the College. Organ Scholars will also be required to undertake some administrative tasks, e.g. helping the Director of Music with choosing music.

Instrumental Awards

Homerton College participates in the University Instrumental Award Scheme, whose purpose is to enable talented players to reach a high standard of chamber music performance. Undergraduates in any subject whose place at Homerton has been confirmed may apply for an Award. A distinction at Grade 8 is usually required as a minimum level.

For information about the Cambridge Instrumental Award Scheme, please visit the University website.
Accompanist Scholarship

Homerton College has recently launched an Accompanist Scholarship. All continuing current students at Homerton are eligible, as well as all incoming students. Applications are welcome from those who will have achieved at least Grade 7 standard on the piano.

The value of the scholarship is £350 per annum, plus an additional grant for piano/accompaniment lessons. There is also an optional provision for organ lessons of £300 per annum. The scholarship will be awarded for one year in the first instance. Candidates are permitted to reapply in subsequent years.

The Accompanist Scholar

  • will be the official accompanist for musical events in College;
  • will be expected to promote music at Homerton (for example, by regularly (i.e. at least three times per term) arranging to accompany performances by Homerton students, and by inviting students from other colleges to attend concerts and perform here);
  • will automatically, for as long as he/she is the recipient of the scholarship, hold a position on the Committee of the Homerton College Music Society (HCMS);
  • will be required to take regular piano and/or accompaniment lessons with a suitably qualified teacher;
    may, from time to time, be required to accompany the Charter Choir at a concert or service.

Appointment will be by audition. At the audition, candidates will be required to perform two pieces of their choice on the piano, and will be given some sight-reading exercises.

To request an application form, please e-mail Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter (