College Grants & Scholarships

On this page are the details of all Grants and Scholarships Homerton College currently has to offer Undergraduates and PGCE students. For the relevant application forms, please see the Homerton College Nexus site or email the relevant member of staff (whose name will appear in the Grant/Scholarship description below). For information about additional Graduate Grants & Scholarships, please see the Homerton MCR website or Nexus site.

If after browsing this page you feel that there is an obvious ‘gap’ in what Homerton offers in the way of financial support, please email Amy Botwright ( with any suggestions.

College Hardship Funds

Homerton is committed to offering hardship support to all students, beyond what is offered by the Cambridge Bursary Scheme to those who have particular needs. The College has modest funds to make grants to those in most need, especially those who did not qualify for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and/or those whose circumstances and finances changed after they started the course.

If you wish to be considered for a College Hardship Grant, you should contact your College Tutor in the first instance. PGCE students should contact their Tutor or Graduate Tutor, Dr Melanie Keene. Your Tutor may then give you guidance and if necessary a ‘Hardship Application Form’ to fill in and send to Mr Karia, (with supporting statement from your Tutor). Mr Karia will meet with you to discuss your finances and will ask to see documentary evidence, such as bank statements, bills, your budget/cash flow in support of your case.

Vacation Study Grant (VSG)

Homerton Undergraduates who have strong academically approved reasons to remain in Cambridge during the vacations can apply for a grant to help towards living costs whilst remaining in college. The Fund is means tested and only those eligible will be considered by the VSG Committee. All applications must have the support of your Tutor or Director of Studies (DoS). The grant will only apply for the days outside the period covered by your termly rent. Generally final year students will be considered. However, first and second year students may apply if they have strong support from their DoS or Tutor and are eligible. You may apply to stay on after the end of term or apply to arrive early before the start of the following term. Application forms and deadlines are published termly by the Tutorial Office.

Homerton Internship Scholarship

Homerton Undergraduate students entering their final year of study (including M.Sci/M.Eng. where applicable) can apply to the Homerton Internship Scholarship. Students must tentatively have arranged an internship, work experience placement or research project to take place during the summer vacation. The scheme (means tested) provides funding to cover accommodation costs in College for 4-10 weeks, or contribution towards accommodation elsewhere, for students who can demonstrate that their internship will give potential benefit to their future career. A similar scheme is run by the Careers Service. Please see their website for further information.

Small Grants for Undergraduate Academic Projects

A Research Grant of up to £100 may be available for Homerton Undergraduates who are unable to afford expenses associated with academic related work. Please contact your Tutor/DoS in the first instance.

Year Abroad Grant: Undergraduates

Homerton undergraduates planning their ‘year abroad’ in MML or AMES Triposes may apply for a grant from the College of up to £1000 to help with expenses. Awards will be made on the basis of financial need, with priority given to students with outstanding academic records. The deadline for applications for 2016-17 is Friday 6th May 2016.

Homerton Santander Dissertation Grant

Homerton undergraduates in their final year can apply for the Santander Dissertation Grant to assist with expenses associated with a research project or dissertation which is an assessed part of their course. Grants of up to £250 will be considered (not more than one grant per student per academic year) and students applying for this may NOT also apply for a small grant for Undergraduate Academic Projects.

Applications may be made to help with the costs of fieldwork, trips to libraries and archives etc. Funds will not normally be given for normal meals, purchase of laptops or software. The deadline for applications for 2015-16 is Friday 6th May 2016.

Language Centre Reimbursement

Homerton students wishing to do a language course at the University Language Centre (in any language other than English) are entitled to 50% reimbursement of the cost of one course, in any one academic year. Receipts must be submitted to the Tutorial Office for approval.