Next Year’s Support Team

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who was elected! I can confirm the following positions for next year’s team.

President: William Hewstone

Vice President Internal: Amy Botwright

Vice President External: Toby Matimong

If you still want to be involved in next year’s team, fear not! We will open nominations for all of the other committee positions early next term. Keep your ear to the ground.

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About Ruth Taylor

Hi Everyone! My name is Ruth, and I'm this year's sabbatical President of the HUS. I hope to get to know as many of you as possible this year. I graduated in June 2015 from Homerton with a degree in History and I now work full time for the student union - I organise the rest of the exec, I liaise with college and CUSU, and I organise events across the year. You'll find me nestled behind my computer in the HUS Office - please pop in and say hi when we're open. When I'm not doing HUS duties, you'll either find me watching football, doing something musical or sipping coffee/wine in the buttery/bar (delete as appropriate.)