Environmental and Ethical Affairs

Keeping Homerton Green and Raising Money for Charity
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Food Bank

The HUS will be starting a collection of non-perishable food stuffs to be donated to the Cambridge food bank and help those struggling to feed themselves and their families during the economic downturn. If when you’re packing for Homerton you find a few spare cans of food lying around the kitchen cupboard, or have a few pence spare from your first big shop for college for an extra bag of dry pasta, then please bring them along to the HUS office during Freshers’ Week. There’ll be a box in the office throughout the year so if you find you have anything you don’t want anymore and hasn’t been opened, we’ll make sure they won’t go to waste.

What to donate:

  • Canned fruit and vegetables – carrots, peas, new potatoes, sweetcorn, peaches…
  • Canned desserts – rice pudding, sponge cake…
  • Canned meat – corned beef, stewing steak, spam, pek…
  • Canned fish – tuna, salmon, pilchards…
  • Canned/powder soup – heinz varieties, cup-a-soup…
  • Chocolate and sweets
  • Crisps and snacks
  • Jam
  • Tea bags and instant coffee
  • Toilet roll!! – This is one of those things that everyone needs but people don’t often think to donate, and it’s really cheap.

It doesn’t have to be much, but the odd can of soup could be a full meal for someone on a low income that can barely afford their rent.

If you’d like to know more about the food bank scheme in Cambridge, go to their website at http://cambridgecity.foodbank.org.uk/.


Charity in Cambridge


Raising And Giving (Charity at a university level)

A bit about them…

We are an independent student-run charity fundraising organisation at the University of Cambridge. As the minds behind Jailbreak, Blind Date and Lost, we raised over £180 000 in 2011–12, up from £158 000 in 2010–11, through various central and college events, public collections and expeditions amongst other things.

We are linked to other RAGs through NaSFA (National Student Fundraising Association).

For a sneaky peak Click here!

Who do they support?

Alzheimer’s Research UK, British Red Cross, Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre, FoodCycle Cambridge, Haven House, Jimmy’s Night Shelter, Médecins Sans Frontières, Unicef, WaterAid and WinterComfort


Jailbreak! (a chance to see how far away from Cambridge you can get…)
Dates Coming Soon
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Blind Date (love is in the air…)
Dates Coming Soon!
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Lost (can you find your way back to Cambridge from the middle of nowhere…?)
Dates coming soon!
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There are many more events hosted by RAG. To find out more about them, visit their events page

Charity in Homerton

Children in Need
13th November 2012

Go Green Week 2015
Date TBC

Red Nose Day
Date TBC

Look out for…

    • A glorious running total of how much we raise for charity throughout the year as a college
    • Information on all the events listed
    • A donate button here on the website and when you book for formal hall-an opportunity to add to our running total
    • Information on joining our informal GreenClub where we can get together and talk about Homerton’s environment
    • Updates on CUSU and their environmental and ethical campaigns – Click here!

Get excited little beans!

A Guide to Recycling Facilities at Homerton

June 2012, By Heather Plumpton

1.Your kitchen

Rules for the recycling bin (the one with the green bag!)


Paper, magazines, envelopes
Cartons, tetra packs
Plastic bottles
Tin foil
Can, tins, metal jar lids
Glass bottles and jars


Plastic tubs, pots, bags
Pyrex, glass dishes or light bulbs
Crisp packets and chocolate wrappers

Anything non-recyclable goes in the bin with the black bag.
I’m afraid there are no recycling bins in your room, but please do collect recyclable waste in a separate bag and then empty it into the recycling bin in the kitchen.


In the waste disposal area of Hall, there are separate bins for different types of rubbish – READ THE SIGNS above the bins and most importantly only put food waste in the food bin. Contamination means recyclable material goes to landfill. Plus the food waste is composted and used on the gardens, so it’s a win-win put your food in the right bin!

3.The Buttery

The two bins in the unit by the door are for recycling only (spot the green bag). The same rules apply to these bins as the ones in your kitchen – see above. Please put all food waste in the general waste bin by the side of the recycling unit.

4.The HUS

Batteries and ink cartridges are collected in the HUS. Drop them off in office open hours.

5.Printing rooms

Trays for paper that has been printed on one side and can be re-used are found by most printers in college. Please save paper by re-using this paper when possible.

6.Large quantities of recyclable items

The large recycling bins located through the double doors next to the Bar can be used to dispose of large quantities of recyclable material e.g. too many cardboard boxes or wine bottles to fit in your kitchen bin! Please use these bins properly and sort everything correctly.


If you’re leaving Cambridge and don’t want to take your bike with you, you can donate it to charity, for example – The Bike Harvest re-furbishes and re-sells the bikes to students to cover the repair costs. See http://www.camcycle.org.uk/events/bikeharvest/ or email contact@camcycle.org.uk for details of the nearest drop-off point.

8.End of term collections

At the end of each term, a box will go into the Plodge for a few days, which can be filled with unwanted items which are then donated to charities such as Oxfam and Jimmy’s Night Shelter or recycled instead of being chucked into landfill.
Items to be collected are:
-> Clothing, textiles and shoes (paired)
-> Small electrical items (even if they’re broken!)
-> Books, DVDs and CDs
-> Unused toiletries
-> Food/drink: coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, squash, sugar, salt, cooking oil, gravy granules, bread, canned soups, fruit & veg, biscuits, cakes (NOTHING that needs refrigerating)
-> Kitchen-ware: airtight storage boxes, plastic mixing bowls, measuring jugs, sharp knives, aluminium foil, cling-film and freezer bags.


Some people to contact for more information or to suggest improvements:

HUS Environment and Ethics Officer: contact form on the HUS JCR website http://www.husjcr.co.uk/contact/
CUSU Ethical Affairs chair: ethical-chair@cusu.cam.ac.uk
CUSU Environment officer: environment@cusu.cam.ac.uk
CU Environmental Consulting Society: cuecs@cusu.cam.ac.uk
Cambridge City Council Recycling and Waste Communications Officer:
Vicky.Lacey@cambridge.gov.uk or 01223 458031

Awesome Environmental/Ethical Websites

Compassion in World Farming: Info on what food labels REALLY mean
Click here!

A website that tells you about all things Ethical in Cambridge!
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