Hall Evening Meal Time Changes!


Evening meals will be served between 5.30pm-6.30pm on the following nights:

Friday 20th February – due to 2014 Leavers Dinner (closes at 7pm)
24th, 25th & 26th February – due to Harry Potter Formals
Friday 27th February – due to HCMS Concert taking place in the Hall later that evening.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

HUS Executive Team 2015-16 Elections!!

After the most hotly contested Presidential election in recent Homertonian history, we are delighted to announce that the elections for the rest of the HUS Exec for 2015-16 open next Monday, April 27th!

If you are interested in getting involved with the JCR, and you have any questions about what it entails, there are plenty of ways you can come and find out more. Firstly, you can email me (at hus-president@homerton.cam.ac.uk) /drop into the office whenever I’m around (so at least 10am – 2pm on weekdays) to ask any questions about life on the HUS in general – I’ve been on the HUS for three whole years so hopefully I can give some answers by now… Otherwise, make sure you ask the incumbents any questions you might have about the position, or go and check out the sleek HUS Exec board in West House Lobby, which has a brief description of all the positions and what they get up to!

The positions up for election are:

The current JCR officers will only be too happy to answer your questions so do get in touch if you are at all interested!

Nominations OPEN at 10am, Monday April 27th
Nominations CLOSE at 2pm, Friday May 1st

Campaigning will take place between Friday May 1st (after the close of nominations), and Thursday May 7th.

Hustings will take place on Thursday May 7th, from 7pm.
Voting will open at 9pm on May 7th, and will remain open until 1am, Sunday May 10th.

The results will be ratified and officially announced by the Returning Officer, Bobbie, on Monday May 11th.

HUS JCR Support Team Election Results!

Sincere apologies for the delay, but all votes have now been counted and ratified, and, as the Deputy Returning Officer for this election, I am delighted to (somewhat belatedly!) announce that the following candidates have won:

President = Ruth Taylor
Vice President Internal = William Hewstone
Vice President External = Leonardo Buizza
Treasurer = James King

Congratulations to all!

I’m sure everyone will join me in extending commiserations to those who also ran for the position of President – all should be very proud for running extensive and impressive campaigns!

Support Team Election Candidates!

Hi Everyone – I am very excited to announce that nominations for the HUS Support Team elections are now CLOSED! The candidates for the positions are:

- ASTRAND, Mikael
- MAGEE, Anita
- TAYLOR, Ruth

Vice President Internal:
- HEWSTONE, William

Vice President External:
- BUIZZA, Leonardo

- KING, James

Campaigning is now open, and the next stage in the process will be Hustings – which will take place on Monday March 2nd, at 7pm in the Griffin Bar! Voting will open at 10pm the same evening, and will run until 23:59 on Wednesday March 4th.

I’m sure you will all join me in wishing the candidates the best of luck!

Manifestos will be uploaded as I receive them!

HUS Support Team Elections

The first round of elections for next year are now OPEN! If you want to run for the positions of President, Vice President Internal, Vice President External, or Treasurer, come down to the HUS Office to pick up a nomination slip!

Don’t forget to ask the people already in those positions any questions you might have!

You have until 2PM on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 24TH to get your nominations in!!

Senior Leadership Question Time + Open Meeting

Hey everyone – don’t forget that we’re holding an Open Meeting tomorrow evening, alongside the Question Time for the Senior figures in Homerton; Prof Geoff Ward (Principal), Deborah Griffin (Bursar) and Penny Barton (Senior Tutor). We’ve had plenty of questions submitted already, but if there are any burning issues you’d like to bring up make sure you submit them here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1x0f-i79TfEFEI42lRKg9tmaa_eDyrVM-vIJY5fAw0gU/viewform) and head on down tomorrow to listen to what they have to say!

Happy New Year, and welcome back to Homerton!

Hey everybody – I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and welcome back to Homerton! I wanted to write a message in here to explain some of the big plans we have for this term in the HUS; we want to try and be as transparent as possible so please feel free to email me back with any feedback or suggestions!

The biggest, and for the many, most exciting, item in the Lent Term calendar is undoubtedly the 3-day behemoth that is the Harry Potter Formals. The Great Hall will be transformed into a near-ish-perfect replica of the Hogwarts Hall for 3 days during the last week in February. For this, we still need one more volunteer! We would like someone who (however vaguely…) looks like Draco Malfoy to act in the short ditty beforehand! There’s a free ticket in it for anyone who lends their hand/face…

We are also planning to hold the first ever Beer Festival in the Griffin later this term. Details are still very tentative, but we’ll be getting in a range of craft beers (and maybe a cider or two) over a weekend, alongside plenty of other promotions and entertainment! Requests for more craft beers/real ales are always popular in the end of year HUS student surveys, so make sure you head down and check it out! Concrete details will be released nearer the time; make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

I saw Michaelmas term as a term for the new HUS team to bed in to their positions; to get used to our new roles and the way College works. Hopefully you’ll agree that we were generally successful in this, and now that period of acclimatisation has taken place, I am keen for us to move some of our ideas for change forward. Lent Term is ideal for this, being sandwiched between the “bedding-in” phase, and the inevitable stress of the exam period. For my part, this term should hopefully also see a little more movement with my Uni4 campaign. Since the beginning of last term, when I sent out the Uni4 Survey, I have met with the CUSU President and we drafted a general action plan, with the aim of hopefully increasing the reliability and frequency of the Service as a minimum. There were some issues with particular members of particular University-level Committees who were opposed to the University funding the Service outright, so we have had to wait until this term (when such members have now left their posts, I’m reliably informed) in order to try and bring things to the table. Given this, however, we should get much further this term! I will keep you all updated as and when appropriate with how the campaign goes throughout the Term. We will also hopefully be seeing more movement with the ridiculous Fire Regulations, as I know for a fact a number of College staff share the student opinion that the signing out system is redundant at best (we also had to wait for certain personnel issues to resolve themselves here…). These are the two biggest things I’m going to be pursuing this term, but I really want to hear from you all! If you have any ideas for things to be implemented, I’d be only too happy to hear them. Also, if you have any feedback on anything the HUS is doing, we’d also love to hear it. We are also going to be trying to use our social media and website outlets much more often this term to keep everyone more in the loop with what’s going on in and out of the Office.

The final thing I’d like to mention for now is that we will be holding a kind of “Question Time” event at some point this term, in which the Principal, Bursar and Senior Tutor will be coming down to the Griffin to answer your questions about what’s going on in College. We will be opening submissions for questions soon, but dates are yet to be confirmed (hopefully it will be before the month is out) because they are all understandably busy people! So, in the meantime, think about whether there are any burning questions you’d like answering straight from the horse’s mouth, and look out for the FB event page and submission forms!

Finally – I would just reiterate that we really do want to hear from the student body. We do try to be as transparent as possible, but we would still love to hear your feedback on whether you think we’re going after the right things, or whether there are some areas where you think there’s a glaring hole and there’s something we can do about it!

I hope you all have a great Lent Term, and that you’re all looking forward to it as well!

Storage reminder.

Xmas storage times this week, in P7 (opposite the dance studio):
Wednesday 3rd 1-3
Thursday 4th 4-6
Friday 5th 1-3
Please do use sensible tape and boxes. I can help with proper packing tape from HUS but the boxes you have to source yourself.
Will (Email me with any problems – wtmh2)